Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - Anticipate

Some days I know are not going to be good writing days, whether it's that I feel nasty or that I have so much on my plate that day, that I will barely get a few moments at the computer. Today, however, I am fighting an unusual battle with myself...Rhyming. All I want to do is rhyme! LOL Not so good for erotic romance, but kinda fun for poetry. ;)


Sunshine blazed through the bedroom blinds
Teasing and tempting, being oh so unkind
Each minute that passed, fear filled her mind
Soon he’d awake and swat her behind.

“Out, out” He’d demand
Her clothes filling his hand
“Our time it is through.” He’d say as he hustled about
“But, it’s sure nice meeting you.” As he showed her the way out.


Have a great day!


  1. Thanks Jennifer! It was fun to be silly. :)

  2. This could be a painful situation, but the way you have painted it makes me chuckle out loud.


  3. Hi Tammie Lee,
    Oh I'm glad you got a chuckle out of it. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  4. Hey Serena, nothing wrong with rhyming... I say while not entering the fray...

    Oh, that poor gal. She should give him the rhyming heave ho and say I won't play your 'ho'...

    Sorry, I know that was bad. Blame it partially on Hortense Powdermaker and Tom Swift at Flash Fiction Sunday.

  5. LOL...yep, Savanna, she should have given him the heave ho, right out into the snow, so there ya go!

    I actually love to rhyme. I read so many Dr. Seuss books to the Darling Diva as she was growing up, that I think it is infused in my brain....hum maybe I'll write a kids story someday. :)

  6. sounds like he needed the swat. she needs to invest in a cast iron frying pan. They do much more than fry up the bacon LOL

  7. Sing it, Dee! The man did need a pan to the can, until he ran, ran, ran!!!

    LOL...I need to stop!

    Thanks for coming by, Dee.

  8. Hmmm, I want to know more about that tryst and why she was being hustled out, if it is what I might suspect, they are both naughty.

  9. I could make another rhyme here using "out and spout" He he.

  10. Hi Seher - Thanks for stopping by!

    LOL, yep linda may, they were both naughty - all night long, only he was extra naughty. Darn mouse will play while the cats away.

    Yay, more rhymes - out and spout, good ones!!