Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh my holy cursive writing.....

Third grade. Yep, third grade is when all the writing fun begins. I had forgotten, of course. It's been way to many 29th birthdays~no fair telling how many, Tammi. ;-)~ to remember the joys of third grade.

Multiplication, Division, Geometry, Word problems~shoot me~, recorder practice, high emotion and my own private hell....Cursive handwriting!

Okay, so word problems trump cursive on the levels of I don't want to/can't do, but cursive is right on up there.

So, in tromps my third-grader the other day with all of her spit and vinegar spilling over and slams down her homework...a spelling list in cursive to be copied three or four times on the same sheet. Now I'm thinking, hey good idea, the more you write a word correctly the more you remember the spelling.

That is until my bundle of fury says, "MOM! How do you make a capital S in cursive????"

Oh Crap! OMHCW~check out my title for this one~

I hate cursive capital S's and I don't use them. EVER! LOLOL

It was clearly not a good homework session, but we muddled through and now guess who has to sit and write words in cursive with her bundle of fury? Yep. It's OK though, cause the kidlet comes by her difficulty with cursive naturally...both grandma and mom are horrid at it and a little practice never hurt anyone.

I've been told I really should have been a doctor with my ridiculously bad handwriting~~

Is there a doctor that never has to see blood? I doubt I would garner to much trust doctoring from the prone position! LOL

Have a great day!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pbbssslt....Bye bye, Balloon!

LOL...So that is exactly how I feel today, an out-of-shape, over-wrung, deflated balloon.


I've submitted my latest story and know what I want to work on next, but the words just won't flow.

Shoot, even getting this blog done was like pulling teeth.

I'm new, and loving it, to the world of writing. Is it normal to go through moments of wordlessness once a story is finished? I'm most assuredly not at a loss for ideas.

My keepers are flashing themselves at me, begging for their story to be told next, but the Jags just keep growling them down. Rick and LeAnn really want to tell it like it is, but The band works hard at tuning them out. My shorts are trying to pleasantly remind me that they are needing to be finished and that they won't take long and my Fury just flies around my noodle putting off 'don't make me hurt you' vibes!

See ideas are the least of my worries...

Maybe it's the order of things. Maybe, I need to put some order to the disorder in my brain. Or maybe, I need to strap on the leathers and carry a really big strap into the orneriness that is my characters and show them whose boss....

Humm...something to think about.

So tell me, does this happen to anyone else? If so, what do you do to get past the wordlessness?

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Valentines General Graphics Top Graphics

Happy Valentine's Day!

May all your love-ly wishes come true!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Suuuuunny days....Thinking the clouds away...

Yep, you got it. Bring on Sesame Street!

Most days I liken myself to Ernie, happy-go-lucky, astounded by life and just plain happy to be here.

Other days, I'm like Burt. Cranky and muttering to myself.

Today, I'm Oscar. Growly, Grumpy and Pissy. Why?

Well let me tell ya. I'm reworking a fight scene and it is really slow going. I can write snippy, I can write funny. I can write sex~oh yeah, can I write sex~ But when it comes to fighting, I sputter out like a big ol' balloon.

How do I describe a punch when I've never hit or been hit? How to I describe a knee to the gut or a high kick to the jaw when I am the most passive person I know? How, How, How?

I blame my passivity on being force fed large doses of Sesame Street as a kid...LOL(no I don't. I love SS)

Maybe it was my hippie parents or my daily infusion of anti war songs as a child? LOL...nah cause much to my mothers displeasure, my favorite movies are action flicks!

Nope, there is not one to blame for my struggles with writing fight scenes into my stories. Fact of the matter is, I need to practice more and read more of them. Let's see, who are master fight writers? Christine Feehan...definitely, Laurell K Hamilton...Anita kicks ass! Suzanne Brockmann...Her seal fill my dreams.

Yep, I definitely need to read more. So tell me, who tops your list of awesome fight writers?

Have a great Wednesday!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thristy Thursday

Welcome! It's Thursday again, time for a new drink and this one looks yummy!

Citrusy to be sure, but it looks quite good. The grenadine would be new for me, I wonder if it's sweet?

Have a great week, everyone and enjoy!

Sweet Flower
1/3 Peach liqueur
1/2 Orange juice
1/6 Lemon juice
1 tsp Grenadine syrup

Mixing instructions:
1. Shake all ingredients. 2. pour into cocktail glass.

Creator/contributor's comments:
You may drop Grenadine-Syrup into glass, later. Very sweet cocktail completed!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I should have been an Auto Mechanic...all the sexy things I say to my car, just don't do the trick!

Grr... or rather lack of grr at this point!

My car is on the fritz, but it is trying valiantly to do it's thing.

I discovered about a month ago, during the excruciating cold these MN winters grace us with, that my heater flew south with all the little birdies. Let me tell ya 40 below is co-o-o-ld in a car spewing half cool air from the vents! brr.

Luckily, I have one of those hubby's who's mechanically inclined. A peek here and a listen there and he says, it's gotta be the thermostat, no problem. All the while of course the dollar signs are running through my head faster than the gas pump I'd used earlier. He assured me though that is was "no biggie" to fix, very cheap.

Ah huh.

Know what, it was very cheap. Less than twenty bucks and I'm again toasty warm while I take the kidlet to!

Now, anyone out there with car issues is probably shaking their heads and saying sure Serena, where's the but? LOL

Here's the the darn vehicle decides it doesn't want to idle!!! It kills at every light, has no pick up, but it is toasty warm! ~silver lining and all~

No amount of erotic promise keeps this baby running and erotic author that I am, I've offered it plenty. Every thing from a nice long gas nozzle strategically placed to a pleasurable beating at the end of my stick. Nothing works.

My hubby's been tinkering, but as good as he is, this one is just not resolving easily. So I caved and took her into the car doctor today and I guarantee that by the end of the day I'm going to be wishing that I'd given some serious thought to becoming an Auto Mechanic!