Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Flash Fiction - Dances

“Damn you, AnnaMarie,” Baylomb bellowed. “Shift!”
The juice pouring into her body moved her limbs in an obscene sort of sexual dance. One he controlled, while her mind grasped the last thread of her humanity. He would not win.
“Don’t make me increase the voltage, my dear.”
“f-f-f… eww”
“Fine, have it your way. Increasing to 440 volts.”
Thank the gods he didn’t know the real secret to a dragon shift lie not in the pain of the electricity coursing through her, but in the after spark of pleasure the white heat left in her muscles.

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  1. Oh, Serena, I LOVE it... dragon shifter, eh...

  2. :) Thanks Savanna! Yep, a dragon shifter. hehe AnnaMarie poked her flame filled nose in just recently in the "Write my story next" battle going on in my head.