Monday, April 27, 2009

Time...don't let it slip away....

One thing my friends and family know about me is my insane love of all things Aerosmith. Many of their songs are playing somewhere in the background as I write. They inspire such naughty things in me!

Well guess what, they are coming back to town this Sept!!!!

Folks, if you have never been to a live Aerosmith show, get a ticket. These guys will rock your socks off! I've been to a fair number of concerts over the years, but theirs is the best! It's two hours of heart thumping, ass shaking, sex clenching pleasure! By the time it's over, you'll be wondering where their next show is and how long will it take to get there!

Here's a link to tour dates.

And if you have a few, check out this video where they talk about making Nine Lives.

How can I not like this band!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Who did kill Kennedy? You Tube?

No, of course You Tube didn't kill Kennedy, maybe, but how much better would my research project have been if I'd had access to it 20+ years ago.

I just finished watching Cold Case, I'm a recent inductee to the show, and tonight's episode included shots of the Kennedy assassination. Those black and white pictures and videos never fail to bring me back to my days in high school. Nope not a child of the sixties, but as my mom used to say, I was a hippie born too late.

But I digress...

Why then Kennedy and my years in high school? ~Freshman year research paper~

Guess what I did my report on? LOL, yep the conspiracy surrounding the death of our 35th president. I was enthralled with who really shot Kennedy. I read the books. Watched the videos. Scoured the pictures, many of which were gruesome in their detail. I wanted to know, needed to know, was it really Oswald or some mystery shooter? I was in conspiracy overload!

Needless to say I never learned the truth. ;-)

My report, full of conjecture and gruesome photos, only garnered me a sad little B-, I don't think the teacher appreciated the subject much, of course I was touting the Oswald was a patsy theory and this was a Texas high school...ooh maybe she knew the truth! haha

Anyway, I wonder, with easy access to You Tube and the plethora of video of that day, the motorcade, the grassy knoll and the TX School Book Depository, would I have gotten a higher grade on my report? Who knows, but it would have been one cool report.

Well, enough of my rambling tonight, it's funny how something as simple as a TV show can spark the old memory. And bring on new ones... I'm thinking, a time-travel book? One where I could answer my own questions, any way I want!!

Have a great week!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

We have a winner...

First off, my thanks to everyone who stopped by and visited on this Earth Day Blog Tour. It was great chatting with each and every one of you! I was thrilled to see all of the awesome readers and recyclers we have out there. :-)

Now we do have a Grand Prize winner as well - Anne Marie! Congrats and Enjoy!!

Have a great day everyone!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day Blog Tour

Hi there naughty boys and girls you should have come from

And if you are just catching up with us. We started this tour at

Save A Tree! It's good for mother earth...


Happy Earth Day!

There are so many awesome ways to take care of our Earth these days, from recycling to Hybrid cars. My favorite though is still to plant a tree, with help from a friend, of course.


So many of my story ideas have come from time spent staring out into the forest behind the house, day-dreaming about hero's and heroines. What would I do without my beautiful trees?


So in honor of Earth Day and this very cool blog tour, I'm giving away a cute little USB flash drive complete with handle and charm. ~my own attempt to save a tree~ The perfect size for our grand prize winner to carry with them their favorite earth friendly E books!

earth day blog giveaway

So remember if you happen across a lumberjack ready to take down some of natures beauty,

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Offer him something different to fell.....

LOL...yep these are my ~dream~ lumberjacks!!

So tell me, what's your favorite Earth saving trick?

Have a great Earth Day and fun with the rest of this blog tour. The Next Address is.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oh my, I think I'm in love!


Check it out, it is my story come to life! LOL

So obviously I just got my first cover and I'm over the moon with how well it turned out! My heroine is soooo pretty and the hero *yep the cat in the background* is puuurrfect!
Amanda Kelsey is the artist who worked on the cover. I think she did a wonderful job!! You can check out her other works here...

Back to ogling my cover!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's soooo purdy!!!

I can't wait to post by beautiful new cover for my first book The Challenge!

The woman, the cat, heck the whole freaking thing is perfect, just what I was hoping for! I'm still glowing from the sale and now to see my h/h on the cover...I can't stop smiling, and giggling and staring at it.

Is that the newbie in me or do you seasoned authors do the same thing with every new cover?

~back to ogling~

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Whiplash

shane Pictures, Images and Photos

Lifeguard!! Baywatch me baby....


Have a great Wednesday!!