Friday, August 28, 2009

Just Call Me Happy...

Gilmore that is. You know the wickedly bad golfer he was before he got that sweet hockey stick golf club!

Yep, I joined my mother and my Darling Diva on the course today for nine holes ~listen to me with all that golf lingo~ Four or is it Fore? LOL

I am, without a doubt the worst golfer. My drives putt-putt about two feet in front of me and my putts go long. I'm not too bad with a pitching wedge, but it's hard to play the game with just that.

This is a short course with the max shot thingy of four, just meaning it should only take you four hits to get from the tee box to the hole and in. For the young players like my DD and the bad players like me, we max out at seven.

I was routinely at the seven mark today!

Why then do I do this crazy thing? I normally don't. However, my DD has recently taken to it and I wanted to see how she was doing, but sadly the course does not allow for golf cart drivers only...damn the luck!

On the up side DD did very well and I even got some pictures, plus I had a story idea. Hot, sweaty golf cart monkey sex anyone? LOLOLOL

Have a great weekend!


  1. Golf was never my thing. I did one date take me golfing and actually I did fairly well just because of my athleticism... back then, anyway.
    But, truthfully, just let me ride my horse over the golf course and put a few hoof dents into the green.

    However, it's great that DD likes it so much.

    Hot sweaty sex... oh, I like that idea for a golf cart.

  2. Woot! A horse on the course, now that would be fun!

    No, golf has never been my thing, heck sports were never my thing, much to my mothers distress. I was more the yearbook, choir, art history girl. :)

    Yep, DD seems to enjoy it, but only if she can go with grandma. Having mom there apparently takes the fun out of it...aaah the joys of motherhood!

    woo hoo...hss, golf cart style! I'm on it!