"The chemistry between Rick, Trent and LeAnn is blistering.  The sex scenes were hot and steamy. I found this book well written. ...I will be on the lookout for more by this author."
~VRainey at Night Owl Reviews, 4 1/2 out of 5 stars - Top Pick 

"Very intriguing story and very sexy...the sex scenes and self pleasure scenes and Rick and Trent scenes wow.. Hot as hell."

"I found this book to be pretty interesting.  The author did a great job...The sex was great, the emotions strong, and the magic thick and intriguing. Overall, I found the story to be a good romance and a book worth my time to read."
~~STrimble at Night Owl Reviews, 3 1/2 Stars

"I love books about magical beings and this one was no different. ...I was swept away in the beautiful adventure Ms. Shay took me on."
~~ Kimberly of Coffee Time Romance, 3 Cups

"...Ms. Shay gorgeously writes the impassioned nuances between her lovers in a way that allows us to experience their unique, one-on-one intimacy. And, I felt every delectable nuance."
~~ Savanna Kougar Author Discovery

"... filled with lots of action, suspense, sex, and shifters ... this a great short read. The sex between Bastian and Marina was very hot and raunchy... Bastian made sure he kept Marina (and me) satisfied. Ms. Shay did a great job ... I would love to read more stories about this were-jaguar society."
~~ L.T. Blue of JERR,   5 Stars

" I liked the way Ms. Shay portrayed her characters...the emotions were real and you felt like you were actually there. ...a great story with a mixture of hot kinky sex, unlimited drama, and a hero and heroine who kick butt."
~~ Margo Arthur of The Romance Studio, 5 Hearts

"One night of incredible sex and Mari ended up with a lot more than she expected. These characters grab you and don't let go...a sexy romp filled with breathless high points, dismal low points and enough twists and turns in between to keep the reader enthralled."
~~ Samantha Ann of Night Owl Romance, 4.5 out of 5 hearts, Reviewer Top Pick 

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