Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Flirt - Hand Holding

Can hand holding be considered a way of flirting? 

Oh heck yeah, just think of all the things you can say in this simple gesture.  A squeeze can mean so many different things, depending on the circumstances. 

In a busy, overcrowded city street the squeeze may mean, I'm scared.  On a roller coaster, it may mean, I'm having fun or I'm gonna pee my pants (depending on your feelings about roller coasters, hehe)

In bed, it may mean, more or almost there.  As you walk down a quiet, peaceful lane it can mean, I love you.

So many situations, so many emotions.  Is hand holding a flirt?  Yep, I truly think it is... 

What about you?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Thirteen ~ Commonly Misspelled Words

I have to say, this Thursday Thirteen is close to my own heart.  I'm a terrible speller.  So when I looked up commonly misspelled words for my list, well, I found out how "common" I am!  LOL  Thank goodness for spell checker and my handy dandy dictionary/thesaurus.  ;)

 1.  Accidentally
 2.  Awful
 3.  Basically
 4.  Believe
 5.  Category
 6.  Chief
 7.  Fundamental
 8.  Guarantee
 9.  Separate
10. Heroes
11. Knowledge
12. Neighbor
13. Particularly

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Workshop - Angela Knight

Special workshop to fund the Passionate Ink Perseverance Fund* – WRITING EROTIC ROMANCE with Angela Knight May 3, 2010 – May 31, 2010 $25

In this class, New York Times bestselling author Angela Knight will discuss the techniques of writing erotic romance she used to make the leap to New York publication. She’ll cover creating heroes heroines and villains for erotic romance, as well as how to structure a plot that combines sexuality, sensuality and conflict to create a story readers can’t put down. She will discuss creating intense internal, external and romantic plots for erotic romance, as well as how to write multiple love scenes in such a way that each one is different and advances the plot.

To Pay Online : Using PayPal (PayPal), send payment to with “WORKSHOP – Perseverance” as the subject. In the “message” section, include Your Name and Email Address.
Cost: $25 To pay by check, print this page and send with a check to Passionate Ink Workshops – Perseverance c/o Robin L. Rotham P.O. Box 2412 Norfolk, NE 68701

*100% of all entry fees from this workshop will go to fund the Passionate Ink Perseverance Fund. The purpose of the fund is to assist those RWA members who may be facing difficulties paying their Passionate Ink chapter dues. Payments from the fund will be governed by the chapter’s bylaws, and policies and procedures manual. All funding will come from directed donations.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Temptation - Color Splash

I adore black and white photography. It calls to me. Tempts me to indulge in moments spent, camera in hand, going in search of the next perfect picture...

As I was cruising around the Photobucket site today, I happened upon a section that I hadn't checked out before...

Color Splash.

Oh my, black and whites, touched with computerized color. I'm in love. A new passion to add to my overflowing cup, a new temptation...

Monday, April 26, 2010

How I Spent My Weekend...

Yeah, in my very fertile dreams!

So, no, my pool boy does not look like this, heck, I don't even have a pool, but if I did... yum

If I did, my weekends would be less about the run around, you know: grocery store, Target, laundry and more about, Sven, Viking pool boy of the Gods. LOL

What about you, if all the chores were done, how would you spend your weekend?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Flirt - The Wink

Simple and direct, this form of flirtation can hold a wealth of information in one easy move. It can say trust me, come get me, you're hot, don't worry, I've got it, check this out or even I love you! Give it a try, today.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Thirteen - Thirteen Other Sexy Kissing Spots

  1. Elbow
  2. Inner Wrist
  3. Back of Neck
  4. Beneath Chin
  5. Lower Curve of Back
  6. Tips of Fingers
  7. Bottoms of Feet
  8. Inner Ankle
  9. Back of Knee
10. Belly Button
11. Shoulder
12. Hips
13. Inner Thigh

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Workshop

Twelve Foolproof Ways to Polish Your Manuscript (and Improve Your Writing!) with Lynn Kerstan
April 26, 2010 – May 16, 2010
$15 for PI Members and $20 for Non-members

All you really need to know about cleaning up your messes and learning how to avoid them in the first place.
Lesson topics include:
Dialogue tags;
Using character names and pronouns;
“Invisible” Words;
POV: Establishing, Changing, and Cheats;
Scene Openings and Transitions;
Character “Voice”;
Common Grammar Goofs;
Powering Up Your Prose;
Dead Matter;
Descriptive Lumps;
iagnosing Your Weaknesses;
Playing to Your Strengths.

Lynn Kerstan, former college professor, folksinger, professional bridge player, and nun, is the author of nine Regency romances, eleven historical romances, and several novellas. She is presently developing a paranormal series.

A five-time RITA Finalist (one win), she is regularly featured on awards lists.

She also does line-editing and copy-editing for Red Sage Publishing. An Internet junkie, she blogs with Anne Stuart, Maggie Shayne, Patricia Potter, Tara Taylor Quinn, and Suzanne Forster at

To Pay Online: Using PayPal (PayPal), send payment to with “WORKSHOP – Revision and Polishing” as the subject. In the “message” section, include Your Name and Email Address.

Cost: $15 for Passionate Ink Members, $20 for non-members
To pay by check, print this page and send with a check to:

Passionate Ink Workshops
c/o Robin L. Rotham
P.O. Box 2412
Norfolk, NE 68701

More Information:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Beauty of Music

Now there are so many things that make music beautiful that to list them here would take me quite a while. I'm not going to do that. Nope, I'm just going to share one reason I find beauty in music.

Music is the one thing that will bring back the sharpest of memories for me. Scent will bring stuff back as well as sight, but those memories are nothing like hearing a song. Today, as I sat here writing, I heard one such song.

Monday Morning by Fleetwood Mac.

I was instantly pulled back to when I was a little girl, hiding in the hallway and spying on all the revelry of my parents parties. The houses blur as we lived in many different ones, but always there were parties.

Laughter, talking, hollering and general naughtiness ensued at my parents parties and I loved peeking in on every moment. The thing I waited for though was the moment I saw my mom, happy and strong. Living her moment, loving her moment and on the turn table(dating myself here) was this song.

It's funny, our memories, I know there were hundreds of other songs I heard at those parties, but this one stands out to me. It makes me smile. She always caught me peeking and she always handled it with style and grace...a lift of her eyebrow, the mouthed words "go back to bed" and a smile.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Changing This Up Again...

Well, I couldn't help myself. It's been a crazy busy week for me so far and I'm just sure I've forgotten to do things. So when I can finally get some time, what do I do?

Change my blog. ;)

Yeah, I should be writing, or picking up the house, or writing, but no, the blog must be changed! LOL

Let's just call it a mental moment. hehe

So what do you the new look?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Temptation - A Dreamy Temptation

In a perfectly safe, dreamy kind of way, this is pure temptation for me. The wind in my hair on the back of a fast bike with my arms around my sexy guy... I'm ready to be tempted! ;)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Workshop - Warrior Writer

***** Permission to Forward Granted *****

What: Warrior Writer Workshop
When: May 15, 2010
Who: National Bestselling Author, Bob Mayer
Where: Beverly Garlands Holiday Inn at Universal Studio Hollywood

Workshop: Based on Who Dares Wins: The Green Beret Way to Conquer Fear and Succeed, Bob Mayer teaches a unique and innovative workshop focused on educating writers on how to be successful authors in all aspects of publishing. Warrior Writer is a holistic approach that integrates the artist's creativity with the business savvy needed to succeed in publishing. The workshop is a nine-step plan that will provide the tools for writers of all levels to become the most successful authors each can be.

Bio: NY Times bestselling author Bob Mayer has 40 books published. He has over three million books in print and is in demand as a team-building, life-change, and leadership speaker and consultant.

Cost: $75 for LARA members (if paid April 5 - May 5 $85), $80 for OCC, EVA & San Diego RWA members (if paid April 5 - May 5 $90), $85 for RWA members (if paid April 5 - May 5 $95), $95 for Non-members (if paid April 5 - May 5 $110)

Bonus Workshop: For a select few who sign up (limited to 12 participants) Bob will also offer his Warrior Writer A-Team Workshop on Sunday May 16, 2010. This workshop will utilize the principles of Warrior Writer and The Novel Writers Toolkit and will be focused on both the participants writing as well as their business model. To learn more and to register go to: http://www.bobmayer .org/index. php?id=6

For more information and to register please go to: http://www.lararwa. com/workshop. html

If you have any questions, please contact Tammi Flora at programming@

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday Temptation - Sexcapades

Welcome to Tuesday's Temptation.

Yesterday, I picked up an interesting book called 1001 Sexcapades to do if you Dare by Bobbi Dempsey. As I set the book on the counter for Dear Hubby to pay, he blessed me with one of his low chuckles and raised eyebrows. I was tempted to take on number 675 in the book - Get Your Thrills Between The Books! ;)

There is a wide range of chapters: Beginner Basics, Steamy Solo Moves, The Great Outdoors and For the Daring are just a few.

I was happy to see that as I paged through the 1001 Sexcapades, that I've attempted many of the sexy capades! There are still a few I want to attempt. ;)

One of my favorites so far is number 1. Say Something Sexy - Tempt your partner with a really naughty saying. Tell them exactly what you want to do to them and don't hold back on the words. Tell it like it is and see if you can tempt your honey on this temptation Tuesday!

Have a good one!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break....

And so ends another Spring Break vaca.

Yep, Darling Diva is back in school after her week-long, relaxing break and mom is putting her nose to the grindstone. ~ouch~

I've learned over the last couple of years that the more I try to squeeze in writing time during one of her weeks off, the less it gets done. So instead, this last week was spent knee deep in fun!

Cookie baking, science projects and wild games of rummy with DD kicking mom's arse were highlights of the week. We also snuck in some quality reading time and a few episodes of Charmed season two. Yep, I have a second generation fan! ;)

But now it's time to crack the whip on myself ~oooh~ and get back at it, my jaguar triad is getting antsy and needy. They were quiet during the last week, but are now howling loudly to get on with the show!

Off I go...

Have a great week. :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Thirteen - Thirteen Of My Must See Countries

1. United Kingdom - The Tower of London, The Crown Jewels, Abbey Road, Stonehenge and so much more!
2. Greece - Greek Mythology, Atlantis, need I say more?
3. France - The Louver, The Louver, The Louver lol and all of those other cool things as well.
4. Italy - The food! The art! The wine!
5. Australia - Aussie men with sexy accents
6. Ireland - Loch Ness, The Irish brogue
7. Norway - Fjords
8. Switzerland - Chocolate!
9. Germany - History, Home of my ancestors
10. Spain - Just because
11. Morocco - Sexy name. ;)
12. Japan - The Food
13. Russian Federation - Sexy Russian men

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