Monday, August 24, 2009

What's your happy place look like?

The other day, Darling Diva was at the beginning of a newly hormonal, crazed tantrum and in order to stem the flow of anger, I told her to go to her happy place and come back to us when she was calm. This obviously threw her for a loop. I wasn't sending her to her room or to a corner(she's to old for this one now). I wasn't going to take anything away or ground her.

Nope, it was off to the happy place, but what is this thing called a happy place, she asked...

Aaah, the happy place. Different for everyone, but such a needed thing. That special place in our minds that make everything better to some extent. Maybe your on a beach, or in a music room with a plethora of instruments you magically know how to play like a professional.(this one would be uber cool - right)

For me it's the library in my head. The space that I've decorated in bookcase chic. All filled of course with read and unread books just waiting for my presence. A beautiful chaise lounge sits in the corner with the perfect reading lamp - not too bright, not too dim. An ice and water dispenser to your immediate right with only real glass, glasses.(water just taste better in real glass-IMHO)

My happy place has calmed me quite often and sometimes I visit just because I like to run my imagined fingers over my books. Stopping every so often at one I've read already, just to find the spot in the book that tripped my trigger, be it a well written love scene or a conflict so well written I'm drawn to reading it again and again.

I have not yet gotten an answer from DD about what her happy place is, but I suppose it's private to a pre-pubescent diva, so I don't push...she'll tell me when she's ready.

What about you out there? Do you have a happy place? Do you visit just because or does it take loads of stress and frustration to pull you in?

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Serena, what wonderful happy place. I never actually created a happy place. However, it's my daydreams, my fantasies or whatever story I'm working on or thinking up.

    Bless your DD. I well remember going through all my 'hormone' stuff. No fun.

  2. Thanks Savanna. I too remember the 'hormone' stuff and I don't envy her the new phase in her life, but I'm thinking the happy place just might be a God send for me! hehe Maybe I can add a desk and computer to it for my writing as well...