Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Arm Swinging....Really?

PARIS (AFP) – Biomedical researchers on Wednesday said they could explain why we swing our arms when we walk, a practice that has long piqued scientific curiosity... More

"Has long piqued scientific curiosity" Really? So you're telling me that some scientist out there can't sleep at night wondering why we swing our arms when we walk? LOL Wow, who knew this was such a hot button topic in science.

I tease because when I pulled up the news on the Internet, this was the first article I came too and I thought oh boy, we swing them just because...move on.

And I did....

But do you know what, the next article was one about a man convicted for the second time for buggery! Nope, I didn't mean to type burglary, I mean buggery or for those like myself who had no idea what this's called getting TO friendly with a horse. :0

Now honestly, I could care less what most people do with regards to their sexual life, as long as it has nothing to do with children!! However, this gentleman went to someone else's barn and Wow'd with someone else's horse...TWICE.

~shaking my head as I moved on~

Next up... Mom decapitates infant cause the devil told her to... just the title reminds me of why I seldom read the news. I did read the article and I still want to cry at the insanity of it all.

Yep, I moved on, but you know what by now I was darn desperate to know why we move our arms when we walk!

Apparently, if I'm understanding the article correctly, we use less energy if we do swing our arms rathar than if we hold our arms still...who'da thunk it!


  1. Oh Lynda, so very true! How comes your latest creation? I must stop by for a peek!

  2. Ah... the news, yeah, not why I pay a whole lot of attention these days. I mean, the horse episode is not national news... just convict the guy, if he's guilty and leave me out of it.

    Gee, those scientists must have petty brains... arm movement adds to momentum. My high school gym teacher said that.

  3. Ah Savanna, so true...I can barely bring myself to read/watch/listen to news these days. I much prefer to curl up with a book, mine or someone elses.

    Yep, don't care what horse guy does, don't want to know...get the man help or convicted and move on!

    Tomorrow...No news for me!! :)

  4. Maybe these arm swinging scientists could focus on something more substantial like...cancer or aids? Just a suggestion :)

  5. Hey Alanna,
    I agree, the study of arm swinging sould really be one of those.."Okay Bob, once you cure Cancer, then you can go back to studying arm swinging."

    LOL...Although, I have too wonder if Bob is sitting around somewhere saying..."Who cares about Cancer, arm swinging is where it's at, baby!"

    Yeah, I'm a little warpped sometimes! hehe

    Thanks for dropping by!!