Thursday, June 12, 2008

Man, I sooooo want to be Laurell K Hamilton when I grow up as a writer!

I just finished Jason's story Blood Noir and Oh my! As it is with Ms. Hamilton's work I am always swept up into it.

If Anita is in the middle of a gun fight, I'm right there with her, gun in hand, the security of blades at my wrists and fury in my head.

If Anita is feeding the ardeur or just having sex for the sake of sex, yep I'm there too. In the words of Austin Powers, when I finish reading it "I am spent!"

Jason however brought me to yet another place.


As I followed the story through Anita's eye's, I came to realize why Jason holds such appeal. He is the easiest of all Anita's men. The easiest to play with, easiest to protect and easiest to love. There is something about Jason, that makes you want to curl up in his arms and watch the world slip away.

Just for a little bit.

Sounds odd, I know, but maybe some of my fellow Anita fans will understand. And if you have never read an Anita Blake on out and get one. Start at the beginning with Guilty Pleasures and I guarantee that you won't stop until you put down Blood Noir.

Yep they are just that good!

Have a good one =)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Who knew editing could be so tough?

OK, yes, I knew editing was going to be tough, but wow color me surprised at how much time it could take to get it just right.

So I started this story, almost a year ago now. It took several months to plot and write, then several more months to edit. I finally finished and sent it off to my CP. She looked at it, love it, then suggested several changes I might want to consider...

Back to the edit!

I had to agree with many of her suggestions as they were great insights. So I beefed it up, adding and removing, rearranging until I felt good about it. Good enough to submit it. Off it went, with all my positive thoughts behind it. The wait seemed to be forever! It really wasn't, but being a newbie it sure seemed to take a long time. Until that day, the day I'll never forget. The day I got...


LOL, I'm such a newbie! Of course rejected. My story is just not there yet, but the publisher was fantastic enough to give me insights into where it needed more editing. So really the reject was the best darn thing for me! Funny how that works. =)

So now I back to editing, and things are going well.

It's really interesting this community of writers I've found myself in. It is such a large community with a small family feel. Fellow writers are right there to help when you need it, the support is wonderful. I just recently met and exchanged work with a new CP who I met through my other CP. I now have 2 wonderful ladies keeping me on my toes and really adding to my knowledge of writing! And 1 wonderful fan/reader of my stories! She gushs and I blush, but dang if it doesn't feel good to know she likes them!

I'm a lucky newbie, that's for sure!

So now I'm going to get back to it, Chap 2 is calling my name....

Have a great day!