Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm back and ready to...Sleep?

Three days. Three days of time spent at the lakes edge, plotting, planning and playing. At least when it wasn't raining. ;) Day one was a fully rainy day, no in the lake play for us, but we did learn how to play 500 rummy and took lovely, short naps.

Day two started much the same way as day one, but we made due with a jaunt over to Itasca State Park. Preachers Grove, was again awe inspiring - 300 year old red pines towered over us in a quiet unlike any other. Though it was raining, sprinkling by this point, we couldn't tell. We were protected by nature itself. After some much needed quiet time and more ideas blasting me with their awesomeness, it was back in the cars to move to our next state park destination...the headwaters of the mighty Missip. The goal here was to show my darling diva where the Mississippi River begins. To let her see that the body of river she thinks is huge in the cities, really starts out as this little babbling brook with a pretty rock bridge running across it.

Pretty cool - right?

Um, yeah to a nine year old DD, it was ooooh yuck! There's mud in my shoooooooe. Luckily, our goal was two-fold and we did get the second one accomplished. A picture of my brother and I, next to the plaque. My parents, who obviously enjoy this site, have taken a series of pictures of us next to this spot almost every ten years.

Now that is cool. And my how we've changed.

Day two and a half. By now the sun has battled the rain and won!! We excitedly raced back to the lake and proceeded to enjoy hours in and on the water, fishing, swimming, kayaking...it was fabulous. I burned, not so happy about that, but worth it to convince the DD that fish were not going to bite her toes...LOL

Day three. Half a day of cards, more story ideas and time by the lake... Then the dreaded drive home.

All in all, it was really a nice time. And here I was, worried about the trip... I'm glad to be proven wrong!!

I am, however, exhausted and in need of sleep, but my writing calls....

My thanks to Fleeter05 on photobucket. I nabbed his picture of the headwater plaque to share with ya'll. :)


  1. Serena, thanks for sharing that pic of the headwaters... wish I'd been there at the beginning of the mighty Mississippi...
    Sounds like a fun trip, even with all the rain.
    And nothing like a change to inspire the muse.

  2. Ah yes, Savanna, the muse, she was inspired!

    The headwaters are really quite incredible...every time I go I wonder, if I threw some special floating object in the water...how long would I be able to watch it flow downward and where would it get hung up? LOL...must be the hidden scientist in me!

  3. It looks like you've been in inspiration heaven. Something about being near water or fog makes me need to write. Bet your brain is overflowing.

  4. Hi Nara,
    Overflowing indeed!! I have so many ideas right now it's taking time to process it all. :) Not that I'm going to complain! hehe
    Thanks for stopping by