Monday, September 9, 2013

It's So Quiet...

Hello.... ~cheep, cheep go the crickets~

Wow, so school is back in session and I'm once again without Darling Diva during the's so quiet around here!  No TV playing, no music, no flute, no piano, no guitar (yep she's learning that too).  It's prime writing time and Mz. Muse has extended her vacation.  She tends to desert me during the summers, but usually returns, somewhat, when school starts.  This year she's lounging on her massive purple chaise lounge with wine in one hand and chocolate in the other.  She cares not that it's only 9:30am here and insists that somewhere in the world it's drinking time.  It's funny that I should get a wine swilling ~am not~ bitch ~excuse me~ as a muse when I can only lightly engage with alcohol on my best days ~your loss~

Chocolate, of course, is universal!

I'm here Mz. Muse - ready, willing and able.  When will you be?

Monday, September 2, 2013