Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

May your night be ghoulish and your tricks be treated!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Scribblings - Bio

About Her...or, Mz. Muse as it were.

Hot damn, a chance to talk about myself, what a rare and lovely treat!  My author friend Serena has not been allowing me out nearly as much as I would like lately.  Of course, if she let me run the show things probably would go to pot very quickly...I mean, who wants to clean (make the kidlet earn her keep, I say) and cook (take-out baby!).  Yes, Serena, I see your frown, but really, my way would get lots of the stories hidden up here in your noodle out for public consumption.  That is what you want, right?  Fine, pressing Darling Diva into service, jeez.

Anyway, about me.  I can't really give you specs on myself as I like to keep it fresh, change with each day.  While some folks change their clothes every day, I change my skin, my hair, hell even my gender when the feeling hits.  I even once came to Serena as a big ass wolf...scared the crap out of her, but it made me laugh.  I like to laugh.  I also like to cry and be a big old bitch when the occasion calls for it...  Today I'm all woman in soft silky black pants, sky high I'm all that leather boots and a flowing white shirt.  Arg, matey's.  :D

I've been the keeper of Serena's stories from the very beginning.  I've functioned as her imaginary friend, her fantasies and that whisper in the back of her mind nudging her towards writing.  She's my eyes in the world, touches to her skin exhilarate mine and the look in her alpha males eyes as he gazes upon her reminds us we are loved.  We are separate... yet we are one.

Mz. Muse