Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cover Reveal: The Submission

Hehehe...Check out the lovely new cover for my recent sale, The Submission!  Isn't that just the most delicious thing you've ever seen?  ~Happy sighs~

Oh, okay, I know, I'm biased.  Of course I think it's the "cat's" meow (pun intended, I'm in a silly mood today.)  I do, however, lurv my new cover!  :D

What?  Oh, you didn't even know I'd sold another book?  Yeah, sorry, my bad. 

Guess what ... I sold The Submission to Liquid Silver Books! ~happy dance, girly squeal~

Moment of backstory:

My life since Sept has been in happy chaos. 


'Cause I finally kicked myself in the ass and did what I've been wanting to do for a long time...  I went back to school.  ~gulp~  My major, computer science.  I want to add web developer to my list of careers.  In addition to writing, I'd love to build websites and be the person who creates awesome covers like the one above that came from the fabulous folks in the LSB art dept.

What I didn't expect was the utter chaos and busyness involved in going back.  I'd forgotten what it took to be a student.  Darling Diva gets props for making it look so easy...  ;)

Any who, back to the matter at hand...my awesome book cover!  Isn't she pretty... must stare at it some more.  :D

I also have a release date...(providing the creek don't rise and all that) Jan 27, 2014.  Sounds like a darn good day to me!

Have a good one.