Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - Adult

She knew she'd come into her adulthood as she looked down into the still smudged face of the being so recently ripped from her body. Tape held the feeding tube secure as it lay in her nostril ready to deliver the sustenance painfully engorged within her breasts. Tape also secured the IV to the sweet angels head - her veins to small anywhere else on her body to adequately deliver the needed medications. The large tube locked into the side of her neck, cleaned her blood while continuing to support her heart and lungs.

No longer could she be the carefree risk taker. The does as she pleased, stay out all night barfly she'd sometimes envisioned herself. Now she was a grown-up, a person with responsibilities, a mom.

No matter what happened in this cold sterile room, she could never go back. Her life as an adult lie ahead. Embrace it she would praying the entire time that it would not involve a funeral in the very near future.

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  1. oh, i loved the images in this, the sense of not knowing the ending.. the realisation being an adult sometimes slaps us in the face.

    ps thanks for your very nice comments about my bit of writing... mind if i link you on my main blog?

  2. Hi quin,
    Thanks for stopping by. Yep, adulthood does slap us very hard sometimes!

    Your bit of writing was wonderful! It hit me in the gut. I wanted to wrap up that sweet girl and make things better...

    I would be honored if you wanted to link me. Can I link to you as well?