Thursday, August 20, 2009

No Trip To Oz For Me....

So wow, yesterday was quite a day in my little pond. Storms which included flooding and tornado's blew through all afternoon. Sirens screamed, my dogs cowered and my darling diva sat with her American Girl doll in one arm and her purse over the other. While I, being the grown-up and all, wondered if I did make it to Oz, would I get my own shapeshifting lion, metal man and happy-go-lucky straw man?

If I did, would they have a really sexy story to tell? Or would it be a nightmare of apple whipping trees, green peeps and cranky sexless witches who played with flying monkeys?

LOL...quite the mom, huh. I've found much to my families surprise that there is not much that comes into my life that I can't somehow turn into a story idea. Some of them fizzle, but some of them flourish and need to be written.

My non-trip to Oz? Well, so far it seems to be a fizzle, but who knows, maybe something else will happen to make it flourish. :)

Have a great day!


  1. Serena, I thought of you when I read about the tornadoes in Minneapolis... glad you're not in Oz, except in your imagination.
    We had a a whole series of storms and rain come through... and some nasty winds... but not like your area.

  2. Thanks Savanna! Yep, those tornados took a path not directly near my little abode. Yay, but nasty weather can sure be nerve-racking as well as awe inspiring!

    Yuck, high winds. Sometimes those can come in a very close second to the tornadic activity! Glad you're still in one piece as well!!