Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday Temptation

Oooh, lookie, lookie at what I got from the awesome Savanna Kougar, author of the newly released Kandy Apple and her Hellhounds.

I was thrilled, and touched, to receive such praise for my recent release, A Magical Return.  Thank you, Savanna...I'm so glad Con and Emterra's love came through to you.  ~smiles~


Author Discovery ~ A MAGICAL RETURN by Serena Shay

Before reading A MAGICAL RETURN, I was intrigued by the premise of this story, an unusual one for me despite my fascination with all things paranormal. Let me tell you, Serena Shay’s latest book powerfully delivers on its promise of ‘magic’, Latin included.

That said, the joy for me, as a reader, was in the relationship between Conleth and his ‘unbelieving’ woman, Emterra. Because, not only am I a sucker for true love, I have this deep yearning to ‘feel’ the intimate passions between a hero and his heroine.

Too often, I’ve found that deep connection missing. Not in Ms. Shay’s highly erotic love story.

Note here: the sexual pleasures explicitly titillate the senses, and is not to be missed.

Yes, Con and Em’s reunion is deliciously complicated by their witch Others. However, Ms. Shay gorgeously writes the impassioned nuances between her lovers in a way that allows us to experience their unique, one-on-one intimacy. And, I felt every delectable nuance. Thank you, Ms. Shay.

 A Magical Return available at Liquid Silver Books, Amazon and All Romance eBooks.