Friday, August 19, 2011

Freaky Friday - Giant lobster

Jennifer Vargas holds up a freakishly large lobster that was saved from the kitchen. (Wildlife Conservation So …

Giant lobster avoids becoming lunch and finds home on Coney Island | The New York City Local - Yahoo! News

Check out the size of that lobster, holy cow, er lobster. Seventy-five years of life in the wide open sea only to be caught in a trap to become someone's dinner. Good on ya, Jennifer for finding him/her a home!


  1. I'm so glad Mr. Big Lobster found a home. Since I was a kid, I've had this urge to free the lobsters in tanks because I thought they were cute in their own lobstery way. In fact, before first grade we were in the grocery store, and some kid did take the lobsters out of the tank, and they were roaming the aisles. It was really kinda cool.

    On the other hand, lobster is downright tasty. Although, these days given the ocean pollution I don't think I'd eat one, even if I had the chance.

  2. Oh man, Savanna, lobsters in tanks at the grocery store. That brings back memories. When I lived in TX, there were live lobster tanks and I loved just watching them...they looked so peaceful. lol

    Not much of a seafood eater here, but I agree...the ocean pollution today would stop me in my tracks if I did care for the little, er big buggers. ;)

  3. Serena, they did look peaceful. I liked watching them too. Of course, then I would start feeling bad that they were going to be someone's dinner... life is really weird!!!

  4. Holy Moly. That's one ginormus lobster!!

  5. Yep, I'd feel bad too, Savanna, but they were so is weird! ;)

  6. Ginormous is right, Bree. But then comparatively small when you consider the size of some of the other creatures in the ocean...and that thought just gives me a wee bit of the willies! LOL