Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday Word of the Day

Proclitic \proh-KLIT-ik\, adjective:
(Of a word) closely connected in pronunciation with the following word and not having an independent accent.

~What a, huh?  See this is why I like Wed Word, cause occasionally(cof...sometimes more than I like to admit) a word boggles my mind.  

Like this one.  

If someone asked me on the street if I was proclitic, well my first thought would be Hell's yes!  I'm for sure not anti-clitic!  LOL  But of course this word has NOTHING to do with that, but yes, I go there.  *wink*   

So, needing a better definition of this word I checked out another source...  Now it makes more sense.~

proclitic  (prəʊˈklɪtɪk) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]
— adj
1. a. relating to or denoting a monosyllabic word or form having no stress or accent and pronounced as a prefix of the following word, as in English 't  for it  in 'twas
 b. (in classical Greek) relating to or denoting a word that throws its accent onto the following word

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  1. Wow, what the human mind will come up with. Just on this basis... can't go along on the evolving 'only' from ape theory.