Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - The Plan

Kass Andrya Nyx had a plan – The Plan. It was well thought out, easy to execute and a sure fire way to win over Anteros’s mother. It would be easy. All she had to do was walk into the great hall, find Aphrodite and put her feelings on display for all to see.
The white of the column lined passage hurt her light sensitive eyes, but she moved forward into the nest of venomous vipers better known as Mount Olympus. Here, among the painfully cruel, self-involved throng, she would express her deep and unending love for the son of Hephaestus and the Goddess of Love.
Anteros had sworn to her that the approval of the woman who’d done nothing more than bring him into this world meant little, but Kass knew immortality was a bitch at its best and hell at its worst. If they kept Aphrodite out of the loop where love was concerned, she had the means to turn their extended lifetimes into a slow crawl through purgatory.
In this world, it was up to her to appease her lover’s mother and so she would.
Voices boomed in laughter as she arrived. Some Gods played at besting each other with lava forged weapons, while others took turns amusing themselves at the bowl of souls. One life after another on the earth plane, or purgatory, broken at the whim of a God.
The screech of the sacred eagle heralded her arrival. The resulting quiet and collective gaze, threatened and unnerved her. She must, however, finish what she'd started.
“Aphrodite, I am Kass Andrya Nyx. ” She looked up at her would be mother-in-law from knees bent in supplication. “And I love your son.”
“What!” The Goddess thundered from her gilded throne.
“I promise, with my very soul to make Anteros a good wife and beg of you understanding and approval.” She further debased herself at the goddess’s feet.
The wicked warriors watched from their raised platforms as the seemingly gentle lady of love, ripped a hole in Kass’ heart with her poison coated words.
“Erinyes!” The Goddess spat the Greek term for the furies. “Daughter of Alecto, if I’m not mistaken. I would see my beloved Anteros dead before married to a dirty creature of the night. Be gone with you. Return to the underworld and whore yourself to the unclean masses.”
Their laughter overwhelmed. As she ran she realized, The Plan, had worked out about as well as catching a fly with a thunderbolt.


This Sunday's Scribbling prompt caught the eye of the angriest of the characters currently residing in my head and she couldn't resist playing. :)
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  1. I like: "The Plan, had worked out about as well as catching a fly with a thunderbolt."

    Know that feeling.

    Would any woman be good enough in this mother's eyes?

  2. "best laid plans of mice & men"... I agree with Nara, that is a great line

  3. Thanks Nara and Old Grizz. Yep, I like that line as well and it seemed quite fitting. :)

    Lol...I know that feeling too Nara, and no, there is no woman good enough for Aphrodite's sons. For the Goddess of Love, she can be quite the bitch!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Ah...mothers-in-law! Always frightening to meet THE mother the first time. I love the line also!

  5. Hey Lynda,
    Thanks! Oh my but the meeting of the MOL is a heck of a thing! Thankfully mine was not this tough. :)

  6. I think Kass needed a thunderbolt especially created to earn the compliance of her MIL... lol...

    Serena, oh thanks for this wicked emotional lift. I needed it.

  7. Hi Savanna,
    Oh a thunderbolt would be a very good thing for this MIL and Kass told me exactly where she would place it, too...LOL

    :) I'm glad it gave you a lift! I know I alway enjoy a little Kass in my day.

  8. interesting take on legends and myths...

  9. That made a real good read ! glad i visited :)

  10. Hi Lostmermaid,
    So glad you enjoyed the story. Thanks for stopping by!