Monday, July 6, 2009

Is it that time already???

Sunday afternoon, Darling Diva at her friends house, Dear Hubby messing around in the garage and me in a quiet house...yep it was heavenly. I should have been writing, of course, but instead I was working on a new idea. Which is in the same vein and my idea was overpowering my other writing so what is a writer to do....

Anyway, things were going well, lots of plot work and characterization was happening until I hear a grunt and DH calling out to me in his, I love you, but there is something you have to do that I know you won't want to...voice.

So I gird my loins and schlep out to the living room, ever fearful of what task lay ahead.

There stood my DH with no less than four plastic bins on a wheel cart, a spot for me to sit and a stool to get the bins to my height.

Shoot! I know those bins. They house my treasures...books, books and more books.

"Look what I found in the garage." This conversation always starts the same way, he happens across them and thinks it would be a great time to go through them...ACK!

I can do this...I really can, but can he? As I crack open the first bin a gleeful giggle escapes my lips. How could I have forgotten these books? Oh happy day to have them in the house again!

An audible sigh comes from the chair across the room and I peek over at my wonderful hubby. "Can we bring some of them to say half-price books?" Now the idea of a credit for more books must really grind at DH, but bless him for the offer.

I did find several I was willing to part with, but those were mostly college text books, which did thrill my guy cause "those suckers are heavy" LOL.

Have a great day!


  1. Okay, Bekki Lynn, a Siren-BookStrand author ~ her hubby built her a storage shed for her books in their backyard. She takes in stray books, putting them in plastic containers for safekeeping.
    A whole lot of mine are stored in plastic containers, too... lol...

  2. So difficult to part with books. We seem to get attached to each one..much emotional baggage with some of them.

  3. Savanna - wow, a storage shed all of her own...for books? I love that idea. One big enough for a chaise lounge and a fan would be really cool. I could tell the family that I'm off to do some reading and take an afternoon to myself! Aaaahhh

  4. Hi LD! Oh I agree, getting rid of books is like cutting off a limb for me! LOL...It really shouldn't be that hard I suppose, but when I read, I crawl right into the story and become part of it. Getting rid of them would be like throwing away family...:0 Thanks for stopping by! I need to swing on over to see what awesome new pieces your working on. :)