Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - Where in the World?

Good Sunday morning! Here it is, my first ~gulp~ attempt at time travel. Enjoy...

Fingers ran across the keys, each stroke bringing her closer to realizing her life’s work. One jump would stop the eight seconds that changed the world. Eight seconds that indebted her family to the secret government agency hidden in the caves below the faces of our fore fathers.
The slow steady whine of electricity sounded as the computer came online. Checking her attire for accuracy one last time she stepped onto the raised platform. “Dr. Neal ready for transport, three…two…one. Engage.”
The beam of light hit all at once, pulling her molecule by molecule into what she prayed was the past. Instant heat lanced her eyes, driving heat into her brain and burning her skin to ash. She had failed. There would be no fix. Her family would remain confined and in service, the world would continue never knowing what might have been, but she would finally taste freedom.
“…Oh God…It can’t be…up there…he’s been shot…” Sirens blared as cars sped away. Women cried and the men swore. No one could believe how this could have happened. Had he survived?
Where in the world had she landed?
Reality stretched, distorted then snapped back into place like an over extended rubber band. There was chaos all around, as the motorcade passed. A blur of pink as the beautiful woman crawled to the back of the car. Air rushed around her as a throng of spectators raced to the top of the grassy knoll.
She was too late. She’d failed to stop one man who’d started it all. Too late to save a visionary and as she slid to the ground waiting for the police to descend, she accepted that she was stuck in the past with no way home.

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  1. Neat science fiction. I think time travel stories should always have such an unsuccessful ending. However I really enjoyed reading "The Time-traveler's Wife" which has a consistent framework and a bitter-sweet ending.

    I published quite a few science fiction stories in national magazines in the early 1950s under my own name, Phyllis Sterling Smith.

  2. I really like this...makes me want to read more about her family and what that 8 seconds meant to generations of her family...great story!

  3. Hi Granny Smith, Thanks for stopping by. I agree and unsuccessful ending usually seems right.

    Stacie, Thanks! I just might have to continue Dr. Neal's story. :)

  4. I'm fascinated by time travel and really enjoyed your short story!

  5. Serena, the grassy knoll... wow!

    What I like best about your story is how sucked in I became...

    That would be fascinating to continue.

    Ever hear of John Titor? The infamous time traveler. I read his posts several years ago... amazing stuff.

  6. I love time travel stories!
    Very good!

  7. Tumblewords, thanks for stopping by, I'm glad you enjoyed the story...time travel would be incredible wouldn't it...I have a list as long as my arm as to the places I'd go! :)

  8. Hi Savanna,
    Yep, the grassy knoll. Yay!! I'm so glad it sucked you in! It's been tugging at me for a while, but I'm still gathering info for it. Dr. Neal has some surprises coming her way. :)

    John Titor...nope, never heard of him, but I'll have to look him up now. Sounds interesting indeed.

  9. Hi Lion-ess,
    Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story.

  10. That was a good read. Thank you Serena, there is shit on T.V. and this is a much more pleasant form of entertainment.

  11. Thanks Linda May, I too enjoy a good book more than TV.

    Have a great week. :)

  12. Please excuse my rudeness for not coming by sooner.


    WOW! Science Fiction! Awesome! It never occurred to me to do fiction. Oh I loved this! LOVED this.


    Yes, I am a big fan of sci fi and fantasy! This was an excellent post.

    Thank you again for coming by--nice to meet you!

  13. Hi Aspiemom,
    Thanks for swinging by! I'm so glad you enjoyed my snippet. Often times I go with the first thought in my head after the prompt comes out and the majority of the time it's fiction. :)

    Have a great day!