Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Come for the seduction...stay for the fun!

So I've recently join with some fellow ~awesome~ authors:

Crystal Kauffman
Francesca Hawley
Paris Brandon
Savanna Kougar

To form a new blog ~Shapeshifter Seduction~

It's a shapeshifting bonanza! Drop by and visit. Today's blogger is Savanna Kougar talking about her book, Red Lioness Tamed. Check out the blurb below, then swing on by for the excerpt and to see what Savanna has to say about it! I know I'm scratching at the bed posts, excited to read this story!

~What does a lioness shifter do when she's suddenly trapped in an unknown space cruiser's cargo hold? Then, despite her ability to savagely defend herself, she's trapped beneath the handsome human Captain. And next, cat-scratching ridiculously, she finds herself carnal-trapped, and meow yowl! bound by leather straps in his bed?Answer: She fights tooth and claw. Problem: The loner Captain is nova-hot at seducing her.~~~


  1. Scratching at the posts... rumbling chuckles... and a long lithe roll of happiness...

    Serena, thanks for mentioning our bloggie together and RED LIONESS TAMED.

  2. Hehe, our new bloggie is looking wonderful! It would be Puurrrr-fect if lots of folks stopped by to visit...