Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Holy hiss-fest over Catwoman?

This is what it's been like, in my head of all places, for the last several days.

I've been working on the second book, The Submission, in my jag series and my hero's have been squabbling. About everything!! They each want the heroine to themselves, they each want the first scene in each chap, they both want to be the first to have sex with the heroine, want...want...want, me...me...me, pretty soon I'm gonna write a bull whip into LeAnn's hands and let her show them what Mistress Kitty learned in the circus!

LOL...Well that quieted them down! Now boys, here's how things are gonna go...

Silent and subdued, for now, maybe I'll actually get something done!


  1. Mistress Kitty learned in the circus... that's a loud chuckler!
    Being aged I did go to the circus as a child, thank you, Dad... and there was the chair and the whip in the Big Cat ring... which I never completely understood that approach, except Big Kitty Cats are verra dangerous.

  2. I too never quite got the chair, but I guess if I was in the ring with that mouthful of pain, I'd want at least a chair in between us...