Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Electronic death...I must mourn!

Drag out the black clothes, cover the mirrors, sooth my computer ~sniff~ my handheld has died!!!

She gave us a good run and stood the test of a mommy who is inadvertently hard on equipment.

And yet she persevered.

She has left a hole in the electronic gear that surrounds me and a awful lot of books unread, but I will give her a rousing hoo ya and woot woot as she justly deserves...

Problem is...What do I do now???

Anyone know of a good and cheap handheld....


  1. I wish I did know... there are threads at LSB on handhelds, I believe...

  2. Thanks Savanna, yep I was checking out those threads yesterday and ~sigh~ that kindle looks veeeerrry nice!

    btw I had my somewhat tech savvy hubster look at my poor little reader...he handed me a kleenex and patted my shoulder. LOL

  3. ~ he handed me a kleenex and patted my shoulder. ~
    definitely the death knell... may it rest in peace.