Thursday, May 28, 2009

Apparently, all a writer needs is a really long bullwhip!

What does a poor writer do when their characters won't settle down and play nice?

Apparently, you threaten them with a really long bullwhip! LOL

My alpha males had been giving me a fair bit of trouble lately, what with the demands for more face time in the book, more sex with the heroine than the other guy and an almost refusal to share their mate. Surprisingly, all these things are minor issues...I know! The real issue it seems is their alpha quality...they are fighting the mesh, fighting the idea that to make a perfect mating for each it takes three rather than two.

So out came the bullwhip and an unspoken threat and guess what, it worked! This time at least. I've gotten quite a bit done today while Trent sat quietly in my head allowing Rick to take the lead.

Fear not, Trent, your day is coming!


  1. Oh, the powers of a woman with a bullwhip... luv it!

  2. LOL...yep that's me Indi-Anna Jones, Wa-chaw! Seriously, this is one of the things I love most about being a writer...I can be who ever I wanna be!

    In real live, odds are pretty darn good I'd end up snapping myself in the ass...Ouch! ;-)