Saturday, May 30, 2009

Can I tempt you to get Intimate?

Stop don't turn away!

I know you already own a copy of Intimate Strangers...but this is a promo for all of your friends who don't. For those who haven't yet experienced the joys of Eclipse, Texas, here's another cool chance to win a hot (Vivian, it's felt) hat

Here's June's Temptation. Every 12th purchaser of Intimate Strangers gets this cowgirl hat to play sexy in this summer.

Can I tempt you to get Intimate? ...Intimate Strangers that is...

***Hey everyone, I was compelled to post this awesome promo opportunity! Why? Cause Intimate Strangers is a wonderful book, filled with a sassy, strong cowgirl and the cowboy she calls husband. I just loved this story, the growth of the characters is beautiful and the trials they go through learning to trust are incredible! Way to go, Gem Sivad!

The other reason I posted...Well look at that cool hat! Seems a good way to snare a cowboy of your own. ;-)

Intimate Strangers, available now at Liquid Silver Books.


  1. Serena, that is an awesome post and compliment. Thank you, thank you, thank you. If you liked Intimate Strangers, I've got another cowboy story (well Charlie's actually half Kiowa), Wolf's Tender, coming soon. *grin*

  2. Woo Hoo!! Wolf's Tender would be Charlie and Naomi, right? You know I'm there!

    Any idea when it will be available?

  3. I'm all for snaring a cowboy of my own. Wahoooo...

    Gem, your prequel story about Naomi and Charlie are sweep-you-away wonderful.

  4. Prequel? Prequel?? Oh please tell me I'm not missing something!!! Are we talking about your awesome blog posts about Naomi or is there a different story I can read.... :-)