Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Whew...

Yep, this is my muse today. 

After a nice long, and busy, four day weekend with my family...muse and I are in agreement.  We're exhausted and burned(literally not figuratively).  My pasty white skin has lost all of the tan ability it gathered in the ten years I lived in, I go lobster red.  ~Sigh~

So I need an enticement for my flagging wordsmith.  Something to get her juices running.  Something to bring the words back...

Scrabble anyone?

A Day in the Life of Serena 
Song of the DayMultiple Selena Gomez songs...Darling Diva asked for my opinion on which ones might work for her next voice lesson.  Yay!  I love being asked to help her. :D 

Currently Reading: A Clandestine Affair by Joanna Wayne

Currently Writing:  Plotting for Friday's Shapeshifter blog, I hope.  Editing:  The Submission

Quote of the DayPoets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.

G.K. Chesterton

~hehe, this just kind of tickles me.  Maybe today is a cheese poem day?~

Word of the DayChrestomathy \kres-TOM-uh-thee\, noun: A collection of selected literary passages.

Chrestomathy literally means "useful to learn" in Greek, from the roots chres- meaning "to use" and math- meaning "to learn."


  1. Oh, I must, I must have my cheese...
    Whether milk from cow or goat or camel,
    But make it natural and organic, please.

    Yes, do not allow them to seize your cheese...
    For big government now despises anything
    Raw and good for heart and bone and knees.

    Oh, yes, I must have my portion of cheese...
    For, I am by heritage, born to appreciate
    All foods made from dairy... hugs to the cows, the goats, and more, please.

    Okay, best I could do with slow-running brain. May you and your Muse perk up.

  2. Cheese by the slice, crumble or cube
    Does nicely entice
    It flavors your burger, salad or stew
    But taken from the brick is not for a nube.

    The slicer is sharp
    And rarely cuts right
    So pick it up to nibble the end
    And call it a night.

    LOL...I can see why poets stay silent! Terrible, just terrible...

    Yours Savanna is very good! I love how you got Big Government in there. :D

    Thanks! Musey never did get back at it, but she did allow for some editing of The Submission so I let her's to hoping tomorrow is a better creative day!

  3. Serena, your cheesy poem is so cute, and all the images pile up in my mind... not to mention make me hungry! Maybe that's why cheese poems don't get written, poets get hungry thinking about brie or cheddar and head for the refrigerator. ~big smiles~

    Glad you got some editing done!!!