Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Retro...

The national parks preserve wild life (LOC)

~Notes: Date stamped on verso: Aug 23 1939. Work Projects Administration Poster Collection (Library of Congress). Poster designed by J. Hirt. Poster for National Park Service promoting travel to national parks, showing two bighorn sheep.~

I love these old posters. Simple yet intriguing. Makes you want to see a national park...especially one out west with big horn sheep. :D

Check this one out though...
Don't mix 'em (LOC)

~Notes: Date stamped on verso: Mar 27 1937. Work Projects Administration Poster Collection (Library of Congress). Poster showing whiskey bottle, gas pump, and a skull.~

...Don't drink and drive or should I really not mix whiskey and gasoline? Will they explode? Oh man, makes me want to bring those liquids together. Yeah, I'm a Mythbusters fan!

A Day in the Life of Serena 
Song of the DayAmerican Band by Grand Funk Railroad.  What a great group name.  :D 

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Quote of the DayResist much, obey little.

Walt Whitman

~Ha, I kinda like this.~

Word of the Day:  
haimish \HEY-mish\, adjective:
Homey; cozy and unpretentious.

Haimish stems from the Yiddish word of the same spelling, which comes from the German word heimisc that literally means "pertaining to the home."


  1. Oh man, they put alcohol in gasoline at the pump these days, called ethanol... in fact, we'd all be better off if our cars were running on alcohol instead of gas... I suppose they mean don't drink and drive? However, BIG OIL shut down the moonshiners because they were competition for the fuel market. What prohibition was really about.

    Love the Bighorn sheep poster.

    Yay! Close to finishing the editing on THE SUBMISSION!

  2. Yeah, ethanol or alcohol would be the way to go these days, but it will never happen. Those poor oil moguls don't have enough money yet... ~eye rolling and buck snorting like crazy over here!~