Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Retro...

My only problem with vintage pin-ups is that very rarely do you see a hot stud, bare-chested and bent over showing me his awe-inspiring thighs.  ~wink~

A Day in the Life of Serena 

Song of the DaySquealer by AC/DC

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Word of the Daynumen \NOO-min\, noun: Divine power, especially one who inhabits a particular object.


  1. Nope, I've never seen a hot-stud pinup. Now there's a good biz opportunity for someone. Hot studs vintage style. If only I had the means, time, energy, etc., I'd go for it!

    And, I adore that pinup pic. She's got real shapeliness.

  2. That would be a good opportunity for someone with time to burn...LOL, won't be me unfortunately. ;)

    Yep, shapeliness indeed! That's one of the nice things about old pin-ups, the women didn't looked like starved, skeletal beings.

  3. So true. I can't even look at fashion stuff today because I can't stand the emaciated toothpick look. BTW, Vogue supposedly is going to use 16 years and above models instead of skinny fourteen year olds. And they claim their models won't be so thin. Who knows? what that really means. Only the future will tell.

    Sadly your pinup pic isn't showing anymore.

  4. Oh I hope the change up helps, because the only thing worse imho than the toothpick look was the heroin chic look. Yuck!

    Oh must have had a blip during the day, it's back on the blog now. Or did you mean you're not finding it on photobucket?

  5. No, I'm no longer seeing the pic. Maybe it's my computer or browser?