Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday Weave

Oooh, Happy Wednesday!  I just had to share my awesome birthday adjustable loom!  It would seem that this authors incredible Hubby has been studying her, the sneaky sexy!  :D

I've been reading weaving books and have come to find most of the projects I'd like to tackle require a different sized loom. Which is cool, but frustrating when one only has a test loom cut from cardboard (not that those didn't work well for some things).

So my Hubby asked periodic questions about looms, hoping to throw off my suspicions (which he did) and set about making me (yes, with his own hands) an adjustable loom that can extend to 24 x 48.  Yay!!  Now I can do many different sized projects.

Thank you, my love for the wonderful gift and making me smile no matter how many times I turn 29!  The last day of April is not looking so glum anymore.  ;)

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Jerome K. Jerome


  1. What a fabulous birthday gift, especially when it's from your hubby! You lucky woman you. HAPPY ANOTHER TWENTY-NINTH BIRTHDAY!

    1. Thanks Savanna! Yep, twenty-nine again... thank goodness awesome hubby just smiles sweetly and agrees with me. :D

      By the by, thanks for posting purple boots over at RWBB, Penelope loves the exposure, or she like to expose herself...yeah, she does. LOL ;)

  2. Oh, I keep forgetting to tell you I put your last Friday blog at ShapeShifter Seductions up at Romance Writer's Behaving Badly.