Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday Tickle

Sooo....my tickle is two-fold today.  First, it is Back to School!!!  Yay, yay and rah, rah!  Sure, I love having my Darling Diva home with me during the summer, it gives us a chance to rebond and talk about just anything and everything.  We get to play games, watch movies and even discover new things that we each like...

Speaking of those new things, this is where my second tickle comes in...

So this summer, DD found a new singer whose songs she adores.  She has even had me listening to this singer.  And while I'm not on the adore side of the fence, I will say the songs are pretty darn good.  Thanks DD for suggesting I give Selena Gomez a try.

Now, in turn, I introduced DD to a little old show I loved as a kid - The Dick Van Dyke show.  Guess what, she likes it.  She told her Gma it was her new favorite show.  (Those words were part of my tickle)  Last night. however, as she sat stressing about going back to school, she watched the episode where Rob lost his wife, Laura every time the insurance guy came over or called.  And with the straightest face I've ever seen on DD, she looked at me and said...  "Why doesn't he just call her on her cell phone?"

Now after I got done laughing and caught my breath, I was able to calmly explain that in the 60's cell phones weren't even a glimmer in their inventors eye...shoot, for all I know, the cell phone inventor may not even have been born yet!

I love when I hear my kiddo or any kiddo's these days say things like that.  It reminds me of how much things have changed and how much more they will change.  Change is good, but back to school is better, and the schools really need to keep on top of those history classes!



  1. Tickles and kisses to you and DD... that cartoon is too good.

    Gosh, how I wish that I'd learned a lot of old pioneer crafting skills, or how to build things, instead of wasting all that time in class re-learning the same old stuff.

  2. It sure made me chuckle, Savanna!

    Yeah, there are lots of skills I wish they would have offered in school...candle making, pottery, basket weaving. Yep, the old crafts. :)