Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Brain Teaser

Mmm...too good of a picture not to use!  ;)
I'm a ten-letter word, but when I am heard,
It is a surprise, but I'm half that size.

My first sound is found when half isn't around.
When a pair is amiss, the other is called this.

The second has one where normally two form a pair.
You will get the nod if you look in a pod.

Together, my fifth and third hold music that is heard.
A pair you are seeking, alphabetically speaking.

And the fourth sound, it will be found
If you look where I send, in the middle of end.

What word am I?


There are five letters that sound just like a word of ten letters. The word
means fitness or appropriateness to the purpose at hand.


Expediency (XPDNC)

The five letters, XPDNC, sound just like the ten-letter word expediency.

After a divorce (a couple is amiss), the former partner is called an ex (X).

Normally there are two peas in a pod, but here we just want one pea (P).

C and D are beside each other in the alphabet, and together hold music as a CD.

In the middle of END is the letter N.



  1. Omygoodness, is my brain ever in a knot! And my eyes started to cross... lol!

    Hey, is that the actor who played Spike?

  2. LOL...mine was too, Savanna. I read and re-read this teaser so many times and finally just looked at the answer. Of course, once I saw the answer is was like well duh, aren't I a dork! ~wink~

    Why, yes, yes it is the actor who played spike...James Marsters. Isn't he just delish!

  3. Hehe...Me too, Bree. Yet I still go back for more! Thank goodness they come with answers. ~wink~