Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stand Still if You Will, My Friends

This picture prompt had me gulping...children's lit, not what I typically write.  I did some silly stories when my Darling Diva was small, but that's it...

So here goes...attempting new things helps us grow as writers, right?  ~wink~


“Stand still if you will, my friends
Just chill, just chill
Look at my bill, don’t race up the hill
Just chill, just chill.”

“First you, little B,
Then Thumper right after
Don’t look at the flash
Quack…I’m getting a rash.”

“Donald, hey Donald…
look at me, look at me”
“Stop taunting me Chip
I’m busy, you see…”

“Just one quick shot,
Of little old me…”

“Go back to the forest, C
Just let me be…”

“Meanee, meanee,

“All I wanted was a picture
Of my silly, silly face,
Why don’t you like me?
Donald, your grace.”

“I like you just fine,
Chip, Chip-o-roo…
Go stand next to B
I’ll take one of you too…”

As the group gathered close
“All smiles” called the host,
The blub flashed bright,
Sending the group skittering into mad flight.

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  1. A fun and light-hearted take on the prompt ! Something the kiddies would definitely enjoy !

  2. Oh, the kiddies would love this poem. Of course, I enjoyed it, and chuckled with delight.

  3. Very cute and I think children would love to hear it read to them!

  4. very fitting for kids to read aloud.
    thanks for sharing.

  5. so fun to read! Meanee, meanee,
    Be-bo-beanee, thank you for putting a smile to my day :)

  6. Thanks everyone for stopping by...I so glad the poem was enjoyed. :)

  7. your words are powerful and charming.
    I believe that kids would love to read it aloud and giggle.

  8. This is wonderful for children, well done :)

  9. Very cute! Might not be your "typical" write, but it was fun nonetheless :-)