Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday Thirteen - Mythological Names For Heroines A-I

  1.  Aditi - Hinduism
  2.  Aella - Greek
  3.  Aurora - Italian
  4.  Branwen - Welsh
  5.  Brigit - Irish
  6.  Cybele - Near Eastern
  7.  Dalia - Lithuanian
  8.  Echo - Greek
  9.  Flora - English
10.  Guenevere - Welsh
11.  Helena - German
12.  Hermione - Greek
13.  Iris - Greek


  1. Guenevere, or Guinevere... I didn't know that was a Welsh name.

    Great list. Do you have a fave?

  2. Actually, both spellings were in the list I looked through and I kind of like the e version better, it's more flowy when you write it out in cursive...hehe

    A favorite, yep, but it's a tie between Dalia and Echo. I can picture a woman petite and fay-like on the outside, but kick ass on the inside. ;)

  3. Yeah, I can picture that. Dalia seems more sunny in appearance, though there was the Black Dahlia... while Echo seems more dark and mysterious in appearance.

  4. I've only actually heard of a couple of these. :) I really like Branwen. Beautiful and strong but unique.

  5. Oh definitely, Savanna, Echo would be darker, mysterious and lonely I would think. :)

  6. Hey Jolie,
    Yep, I too like Branwen. It is very strong, but it would take a really unique character to pull it off though.

    Gee, I may have just issued myself a challenge! ;)

  7. I like Iris. Is that the Rainbow Goddess?