Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Sliver

Thought I'd share a bit of what I'm currently working on... 

It has yet to be named, which is interesting for me, but the wheels are turning.  Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Yep, clearly, Emterra had taken too many hits, swallows and pills that one crazy night, but youthful stupidity in the past did not explain the weirdness going on around her tonight. First up on the loony list, Con “speaking” to her, inside of her own head. That was just not possible, right…

“It has to be a drug flashback or a bad trip.” Of course, she no longer took the short road to psychedelic bliss. Self-preservation and a career in law enforcement had curtailed that activity long ago. What was it then, did she just long to hear Con’s voice in her head? Did she miss their youthful hijinx enough to imagine the gothy, witchy faze was real?

“Am I going crazy?” If talking to one’s self and hearing voices was any indication, she’d jumped on the crazy train the moment she stepped foot on this barren tobacco field.


  1. Barren tobacco field... now that's intriguing... hmmm... witches, gothic...

  2. :) Definately witches and wizards and lovely, lovely sex, but probably on gothic...though it would be interesting to write a gothic novel!

    ~Give writing a gothic novel a shot, on the to do list. :)~

    Now, about the time freeze... hehe

  3. We definitely, definitely! need time-freeze pockets... a gothic erotic romance novel would be fun to write.