Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What a lovely sight, right outside my window!

I have a good excuse for not writing today! My muse has seen fit to bless me with a pack of tattooed, muscly construction workers with work boots, a personal fav of mine, laying cement. Some days you just need a pick me up or an excuse maybe.

Today was that day for me. I'm battling the beginnings of a head right on time, every flipping fall, head cold. :(

See I do need a pick me up and a bit of inspiration to crank out my allotted words for today. What better of a sight than sexy men, tattoos and great big, work boots!!

Back to gawking then off to get my Darling Diva from school.


  1. The sight of male muscles rippling in work clothes (or out *grin*) has to raise the libido of every woman alive, even if they don't admit it.

    I call it inspiration.


  2. Oh my yes! It is quite inspiring and definitely libido raising. I would love to see it everyday!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. You are so funny! Hope it helps the head cold!

  4. Hehe Thanks Lynda! Yep, the sight of all of that maleness outside my window did help with the head cold. Although it is back today...I wonder what my odds are of getting another shot of vitamin stud will be??? ;)

  5. A shot of vitamin stud... talk about my kind of natural therapy!
    Gee, and you didn't take pictures, did you?

  6. Oh it is a natural therapy indeed, Savanna! No, sadly a crazy lady hanging out of her window, camera in hand would have been a bit noticable...LOL