Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - Key

AnnaMarie paced the smooth stone floor trying damn hard to convince herself that she’d fallen into some unexplained coma. Even now, she could be wasting away in some hospital bed, drool running down her face, her hands curling into claw like appendages and absolutely no one there to visit her. The nurses, tired and abused, would provide sponge baths, movement to ward off bedsores and minimal conversation.

The formation of a good lie rested in the details. The more minutia thrown into a story, the easier it was to believe, but her mind wouldn’t play along. Nowhere was there a single white hospital bed, no IV poles, no nasty antiseptic smell.

Around her was a vast room, empty but for the single glass of water on a stool in the middle. Two walls curved outward creating an oval space big enough for whatever brought her here to this prison. The only thing missing was a slice of bread, a toilet and a clear picture of the unseen voice that had brought her to this place.

“Be calm, Princess Anie NaMar. I am taking you to safety,” The low, garbled voice whispered in her ear as he’d carried her off-carried off for cripes sake. What could have been big enough to literally pick her up and deposit her in this cage? She remembered the sensation of weightlessness, but figured that she was again dreaming of flying, or sex or even a successful diet. Lord knows she’d welcome both.

When she’d come too, lying on the surprisingly warm stone floor, her mind raced too conjure up a beast with enough strength to lift her bulk off the bed and deposit her here, wherever here was. As cages go, this was a brilliant one - incredibly vivid.

She peered through the clear outer wall into a dark so vast she could see nothing. It was like looking into the night sky filled with clouds. The inner wall glowed orange. The long curved stretch of wall was rolling water, infused with what she could only guess to be lava.

AnnaMarie eased back onto the floor, facing a wall so clearly wrong and wondered if her lies had finally caught up to her? Had the series of half-truths she lived with finally locked her into a prison of her mind? If so, where was the key to get out?

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  1. intriguing - makes me want to know what happens next.

  2. Hi Dee,
    Me too! AnneMarie is driving this story and she's whispering kind of softly today. :)
    Thanks for stopping by...

  3. Hey Savanna,
    Thanks! My dragon is pushing hard to play, but AnneMarie is still being quiet.