Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - Tattoo "Here there be..."

Crouched behind the boulder, rivulets of sweat ran down AnnaMarie’s back from the zero to sixty climb up the cliffs overlooking Lake Superior. How could this be happening to her? As was typical after a crappy night waitressing at The Pilsner, she’d taken the scenic route home, with a quick stop along the way. This beach was her favorite. During the day, she could see the Split Rock lighthouse, a standing sentinel, in the distance and the beach lie filled with agates and driftwood, perfect for her art. Tonight, her place of peace was turned into every bad chase movie she’d ever seen, including a full moon to light up the night sky.

“Anie NaMar, please do not fear, I am here only to help you.”

Sure, that’s what they all say, right before they kill you and what’s with the weird name? AnnaMarie peeked around the side of the rock to see the naked man on the ledge down and over from hers. Big and broad was how she’d describe him, all of him. Ebony hair hung to his shoulders. Iridescent green streaks intermixed with the black and matched the scales of the gorgeous ink on his back.

Purple and green wings reached from shoulder to shoulder and dropped down his back. The bottom points touched his hipbones on each side. The barbed tail curled around the outer thigh closest to her and snuck in towards his groin. As he turned, she could see wicked sharp claws digging into his ribs. Almost as if, the beautiful creature rode him like he was the host, day after day.

The icing on the cake though, was the head and face of the mighty beast. Curled around his neck, the head lay across the man’s shoulder and down his bicep. Flames burned down his arm from the creature’s nose. Violet eyes glittered in the face and appeared to be staring right at her. The most disarming feature however, was the fact that the man was glowing, from the inside out.

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  1. Girl what beach are you going to?? LOL Love this - would love to see it fleshed out and added to :)

  2. Thanks Dee!
    Yeah, it is a verrrry nice beach! I'm definitely working on more for this story. :)

  3. Oh, Serena, I absolutely love that snippet! Especially the dragon tattoo description...
    omy, my heart is a-flutter with your hero.
    You go, author girl!

  4. :) Thanks Savanna! That means so much to me!!

    LOL...the hero is very flutter worthy. He whispers to me more and more lately and wowser - he is something!!

  5. I'll give you a WoW back! My heart was aflutter as I peeked from around that rock! Give us more!

  6. Hehe, thanks Lynda! I'm working on giving you more. My dragon wants it just right and what dragon wants, dragon most certainly gets! Whew!!