Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Don't Normally Do This, But....

I simply couldn't resist. What do I normally not do you might ask? Write about pirates and file sharers. I go by the idea, that to give these thieves any air time is just giving them what they want and that is something I loath to do.

However, I came across this awesome blog by Shiloh Walker that speaks frankly and addresses the piracy issue down to it's barest points. What is the ultimate cost of piracy? Read here to find out.... http://shilohwalker.com/piracy.htm

Nice job, Shiloh!


  1. Serena ~ man, this e-swindling thing is hitting all of us deep.

    Shiloh's article was right on target.

    Thanks, for finding it and putting the link on your blog.

    I know I really don't like giving them any claim to fame. At the same time, if I don't stand up, it's like giving them a free pass also.

  2. Hey Savanna,
    It sure is hitting us deep. It's frustrating to me that so may people can justify stealing. :(

    Shiloh's article was spot on. Especially when she asked who wins in the end. Certainly not the readers when authors feel they have to stop doing what they do best.

    Yep, not saying anything is like giving them a free pass to repeat bad behavior. The mom in me wants to give them the hairy eyeball and ask if they are finished with their naughtiness...

    I won't even mention what the leather clad, gun toting, spit fire who lives deep inside wants to do! ;) muahhahaha

  3. I think what ultimately gets to me, is not only the stealing aspect, which is bad enough, it's the total disrespect for artists, for us creative types. As if we don't matter and don't deserve to make a living.
    Like Shiloh pointed out and you said, no one wins in the end. Artists can't keep creating if they can't even earn enough to live on. Which is all too true in this society.
    Unless, you're a celebrity/star, somehow you're art isn't worth that much. You're just there to feed the appetits of the masses for free of next to nothing.
    It's so sad to me that us creative types aren't valued the way we should be. What would happen to a world without art, without us... if no one had any artistic or creativity ability?

  4. I shudder to think of a world without art! What would be the point of a full life if the beauty around us, in all forms, were ripped away.

    I agree artists should be better valued, so should teachers and so many others. If only our society had not become so skewed.