Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - Hunger

The Hunger Site

What is hunger?
I can use that word in lots of different ways to mean lots of different things...
I hunger for good book reviews.
I hunger for a bowl of cereal in the morning.
I hunger for more time with my hubby and darling diva.
All of these hungers are true. If you're an author, yes you want good reviews. If you ate early the night before, your stomach is making itself known and who doesn't need more family time...


Is that the only face of hunger? Have you seen real hunger in your lifetime?

Have you seen the mother digging through the dumpster for food to feed her child?
Have you seen the family of three, four, five or more share a brick of Ramen noodles as their dinner?
Have you seen the child whose school lunch seems to him/her manna of the gods, because it is probably the only meal they will see that day?

I have seen hunger, I have lived hunger and I have felt hunger.

My oath: Everyday I will fight to reduce the hunger of the world. From the littlest task to the biggest undertaking, I will do what I can to help those who starve. Hunger must not win.


  1. Hunger must not win!
    I so agree. Long time ago I worked with the Hunger Project. Unfortunately, the dark forces continue to work against making this world a paradise for us all.
    And it saddens me to see all the codes and regulations coming down from the USDA that will virtually put all the small farmers and ranchers out of business, including the organic farms and ranches.
    The Amish are also being targeted, their rights taken away daily by government agencies. And they won't fight back. I wish I could fight on their behalf.
    In the end, the more small farms and ranches lost to this insanity will mean there is less and less good food for us all.
    It means big cruel agribusiness wins, along with GMO foods. Heck, rats die eating it. Chickens and cows won't eat it unless they're starving.
    Not to mention Monsanto is trying to buy up every heirloom seed and force everyone to use terminator seeds and their pesticide products.
    Sorry, for the diatribe. I just wish I could single-handedly save our precious world and ways of growing good food.

  2. Great blog Serena. I grew up on a farm in Ohio, so farming in the world is of great interest to me.


  3. when I see the word hunger I can only envision the the starving people of the world. Any other definition of hunger is avoiding the issue

  4. Savanna - Kudos for speaking the truth, never be sorry for that! :) As I read your comment I couldn't help but again to think about how our government/people continue to "shoot our noses to spite our faces" All of the money wasted battling the small groups they should be working with... It is a sad state of affairs!

  5. Thanks Gem! Awesome that you grew up on a farm! I am most definitely a city girl, but I've visited friends farms in the past and have been awed and impressed by what it takes to be a farmer. :)

  6. Hi gs,
    It's interesting how different folks define the word hunger. For me hunger = a deep, deep need. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your definition. :)