Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Startling Revelation!

Sometimes I love these, you know when a characters finally decides to be frank with you or when your singing along to one of your favorite songs and the words you always have to hum-i-na, hum-i-na, hum-i-na over suddenly become clear! those. However, the times when a stiff breeze reminds you that you put on your, well loved, shorts with no undies and left the house without changing...yep, those I hate.

Today's revelation was neither loved or hated, it was the frustrating one.

The past couple of writing days have been tough, and I've been unsure as to why? Was my head not in the game? Is the story off track? Do I just need to take a break away?

Sha-bang. Lightning struck today in the form of one more trip to the thesaurus!

What the heck, here I was trying to edit when I didn't even have the first draft down. Wanting every sentence perfect, every word the right one and I had yet to even get the idea on the paper.

Sheesh, no wonder this weeks been tough.

So I shut down the thesaurus and stepped away from the wip. Read a bit of Lover Avenged by J.R. Ward~loving it!~ then came back to the story, determined to get the idea on the page, no matter what word I used or how many times I used The~which was a really scary amount~ and guess what?

I finished the scene I was stuck on! Whod'ya thunk it!

Now I'm off, back to get down some more ideas!


  1. One of the best pieces of advices I ever heard was from someone who said, write, no matter how bad it is, just write.
    Yeah, I still have that over-edit perfection thing going on. But I also have that thought constantly in mind.
    Congrats on getting through your stuckness.

  2. Thanks! Yeah that is good advice. I need to keep that in mind when I write...or maybe I need to pin it to the wall above my computer. "It's okay to be bad the first time around!"

    LOL, yep I like that!