Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I whip out my note pad and await her instructions...

I've been inundated lately by a character who has been with me for many years. She's happily lived in the back of my mind composing herself in order to tell her story the best way she knows how. She paces and swears on occasion. She's belligerent to all my other characters, but in a nice way if you can imagine that. They stay out of her way and she stays out of theirs. She has a lot of anger but does her level best to contain it or direct it into her work. I'm always careful to not piss her off as she is the type to not pick up her toys and go home but rather destroy them and leave with nary a kind word.

So when she decides it's time to share a bit about herself or her story, well I whip out the pad and await her instructions!

Today she graced me with just a snippet of info about her, but was cool with me sharing it. She'll be back, I know, I just hope it is sooner rather than later.

May I introduce, Kass Andrea Nyx.

As I scanned the sea of faces I wondered, what could you tell about a person from the outside any way? Some were white, some black, hell that dude there looked green—leave the bar a little sooner next time dude! No, you can’t really know someone from what they look like on the outside. I mean look at me. I’m quite tall–if you carry a lollipop and are from them merry old Land of Oz. I’m of average weight, average hair color, average features—I guess you could say that I’m less than extraordinary. On the outside that is, but on the inside well that’s a different story. When I feel like it come back and I’ll tell you something about me that would curl your toes and turn your hair white.

What, you doubt me? Well that was your first mistake…


  1. Lady Shay, I love it! I await with trepidation.

  2. :-) Thanks Lady Kougar! I too await Kass. Much of the time quite impatiently.

  3. I love the blog, Serena. Lovely color and layout. The art is brilliant. I was drawn to this post in particular because I have a few characters in my head that toss out dictation at unexpected and often inconvenient times.

  4. Hi Nara,
    Thanks! Oh man, you have to love the dictating characters don't ya. LOL inconvenient times, isn't that the truth! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Pretty neat the way your characters have the upper hand most of the time. I sculpt, and my characters usually tell me the direction in which they want to go. I like your blog!

  6. Hi Lynda, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, those characters are always telling me what to do, but I wouldn't have it any other way. :)