Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The End!

How I wish these two words were being typed at the bottom of my wip, but sadly, no.

The End
...of the school year
...of the quiet
...of relaxing writing time
...relative peace

Yep, my beautiful child is out of school come Friday, and I am racking my brain to come up with cost effective (ah, cheap, as in free) entertainment. Things she and I can do together, to fill the no school void, yet all me some much needed writing time.

Any and all suggestions will be entertained! LOL

Now, back to the wip...


  1. Hmmm... I'm not an expert in this at all!
    However, I remember how deeply important it was for me to spend time with my parents. There were six of us kids so our parents were darn overwhelmed.
    If there are outdoor activities, outside games. Or, depending on where you live, special museum exhibits or fun art exhibits.

  2. Ooh, good suggestions! I love museums and art exhibits!

    Wow, six sibs, there was only my brother and I and we were good with being away from the folks as much as possible...LOL

    I only have the one, and she is really that is something I could work with her on this summer too...coming out of that shell!

    You know what else...I told her to decide on something new she would like to learn and I would learn it with her ~did I learn nothing from the chess thing~

    I may be learning to knit. ~oh boy~