Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An Easy Mark?

Meet Ike(skinny boy) and Russet(more to love boy) my furry little guys. Personable, snooty, lovable and rip-roaring pile of fun can all describe these guys, but mostly they are spoiled. Yep, yummy food to eat, treats whenever they bat their baby browns. Chews to work on and blankets galore fill their kennel. See spoiled -- they think they rule the roost!
That was of course until the final school bell rang and darling diva was sprung from the rigors of school life. Now guess who rules the roost...
I kid -- the three of them get along fairly well. Today, however, they provided me with one heck of a chuckle at lunch time. Darling Diva is blooming this summer and wanting to do things on her own. Yay, and sigh. Any who, she made her bologna and cheese sandwich and came into the office to watch a movie and eat. What she didn't know is that SB and MTL boy were hiding under the covers.
Well you can imagine their joy to smell the yummy food. All of a sudden two black noses peeked out and were going to town. Soon it was their heads and before ya know it, they had slunk on over to DD and started in with the look at how cute I am eyes and gimme gimme whines.
Now I would have caved, cause lets face it, I'm an easy mark. But what does DD do? She turns to them and says "Go away! Mom, tell them to go away."
Nope, no easy mark that one.


  1. Reminds me of childhood summers...
    Hey, the pups' life would be boring if everyone was an easy mark.
    I got the head in the lap approach from my doggie...but it's always the eyes that get you.

  2. LOL...yeah I get the head in lap a lot too with the look at how sweet we us, love us. But it is definitely the puppy eyes that do me in. :)

    Yep, their lives would be boring if everyone was easy...not they have to work a little harder at it!

  3. Thanks Victoria! Yeah they are cute, and they know it too. They always use it to their advantage. :)