Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday Weave

~sigh~  This weaving thing is harder than I realized.  I started off intent on making a hard could that be, right?  Well, right from the start I pooched it.  See, I don't know if you can tell from the picture above, but the solid colored length is how it should look.  Straight and full.  The multi-colored section has a decided hourglass look.  Wide at the ends and thin in the middle. 

So, goodbye scarf! 

All is not lost though...all practice is good practice and my scarf has turned into a pillow. One more solid for the opposite side of the pattern and I'll sew them together, add a back and stuff that baby.  Will it work?  I can only hope...

A Day in the Life of Serena 

Song of the Day:   Mean by Taylor Swift.   Not sure why this song has hit my radar today,  Darling Diva hasn't been playing it, but it has a catchy tune and I like the sentiment.  Heck, its not the first time I've listen to the kidlet's music when she's not here...I'm guess it won't be the last.  ;)

Currently Writing:  Blogs and hopefully werewolves.  Editing:  The Submission

Quote of the DayEach moment is a place you've never been.

- Mark Strand
The Pulitzer Prize-winning poet was born on this day in 1934.

Currently Reading:  Magic Unchained by Jessica Andersen.  Her Nightkeepers series has been inspired and a joy to read.  Awesome characters and a great storyline.

Word of the Day
pyknic \PIK-nik\, adjective:
1. Having a rounded build or body structure.
1. A person of the pyknic type.
Pyknic entered the English language in the 1920s. It came from the Greek word pykn meaning "thick."


  1. His pyknik is also tall, and joy to behold.

    1. Rawr...Nice one, Savanna! I'll be looking for that line in an upcoming flash, maybe? hehe

  2. It would be fun in a flash. I hope my muse remembers. ~smiles~