Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Retro...

Queen of Greece (LOC)

Looky here, this picture fits with last Friday's Retro...just from a different view.  That pic shows the sexy fun side of corsets.  This one the reality.

The Queen of Greece circa 1910-1915...gorgeous isn't she. The dress is beautiful, the crown is stunning and the throne is awesome (yeah I like chairs)  Too bad she's probably on the verge of passing out from lack of oxygen....could that waist be any smaller?  Sadly, yes, it certainly could.

I get fashion being about others perception and if everybody else has an Aeropostale shirt, I need one too (lol - Darling Diva and I had that conversation a while back) But thank goodness the rib deforming corseting went out of style...I can just hear my DD saying what other DD's back then must have said, "but mother, my waist must be the tiniest!"  Stomps slippered foot.  "Break the rib if you need to..." flop in my book.  Now that doesn't mean corsets can't be fun in the boudoir, tightened just enough to push up the boobs and give one heck of a cleavage.  ~wink~

A Day in the Life of Serena 

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Richard Hughes


  1. Definitely the dark side of corsets, and another prison for women like the foot binding in China. I always remember that scene in Gone With the Wind when Scarlett's maid is pulling on the cords, then says something like ~ "you done had a baby, Miss Scarlett."

    But, yeah fun for those special impassioned moments!

  2. Oh ugh, Savanna, I could just cry about the foot bindings in China. Intentionally breaking then bending and binding a young, young girls feet so that she can no longer stand! That is just not fashion. ~sniffles~

  3. No, it's cruel and unusual punishment. I wish as the human race we could get beyond all these insane forms of cruelty.