Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Retro...

Mrs. Francis Lemoine Loring house, 700 South San Rafael Avenue, San Rafael Heights, Pasadena, California. (LOC)
Picture taken from Library of Congress collection

Here's something I adore about gardens...they're eternal. This picture was taken at Mrs. Francis Lemoine Loring's home in 1917 and I'm telling you, it looks like the picture could have been taken yesterday. 

A good garden, imho, takes time out of the equation. If I can sit amidst the beauty and daydream myself into the past, present or future as is my mood of the day, I consider it a win.

A Day in the Life of Serena 

Song of the DayFly by Sugar Ray feat.Super Cat

Currently Reading: Infamous by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Currently Writing:  More ideas for Talbot's Peak stories.  Editing:  The Submission

Word of the Dayfard \fahrd\, verb:
1. To apply cosmetics.
1. Facial cosmetics.

~Another reason I rarely wear make-up.  I could never say "excuse me while I fard." without busting something important with my out of control laughter!~


  1. Oh, that garden is just gorgeous... what a perfect garden for a romance scene in a story.

    fard ~ well, that's a new one on me... yeah, I haven't work makeup for years now... for several reasons... now I've read articles about high lead content in makeup that is harming people, including lipstick and whomever you kiss with the lipstick on...

    In fact, I was thinking of putting a scene in my current WIP about how the heroine only uses lead-free, organic type makeup.

    1. I agree, Savanna, it is a perfect garden for a romance scene and I have one floating just out of reach right now. Hopefully, it will coalesce in the next few days. :)

      There is so much about make-up production, testing and using that disturbs me it leaves me uninterested in the whole thing. Sadly, I have yet to convince Darling Diva she's more beautiful without it...

  2. Yeah, the whole testing thing, etc. is horrific. Of course, there are natural makeup lines that don't test and use safe ingredients. They're expensive, of course.

    When I started using makeup at about fifteen, I really enjoyed it because it was like art. I love the creativity of what can be done with makeup. However, all the nastiness around it, just in terms of the fashion industry... well, NOTHING is worth that. And the pressure to look a certain way... NO THANKS!

    How weird... just as I'm writing this comment, I'm hearing about a show that The Power Hour radio show will be doing on natural makeup... what a strange synchronicity.

    If you want I'll send you the info when they do that show because I get their email blast.

    1. The info would be great, Savanna, thanks! I really want DD to have all of the information before she starts down the make-up trail.

      Oh, I know what you mean, there is a ton of creative things a person can do with make-up which can be so expressive...I went through the I had to wear it when I was younger, but it didn't last. HA - I gave it up, not because of testing stuff(this was before that was spotlighted) but I found that less time worrying about make-up in the morning meant more reading time...LOL