Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday Weave...

What?  Wednesday Weave...where's the Wednesday Word??  Not to worry, it's still around.  Today it's at the bottom of the blog, but it'll eventually be front and center.  I wanted to shake things up a bit on Wednesday's.

So check this picture out...I did that!  Okay, maybe I should start at the beginning...stop, rewind, play...

Last week, during my awesome spring break/escape from the web(lol) Darling Diva taught me how to weave, a skill she started learning in school.  She brought home her weaving project to show her Dad and I so I did what all parents should do and asked questions, starting with how did you make that.  Well, she was enthused by the process.  Instead of telling me, she was determined to show me.  As gently as I could I reminded her that we don't have a loom, so she'd have to tell me...

"Mooouum"  Yeah, can hear the exasperation in that voice.  I swear all kids are born with that tone, I know I had it as a youngling, but for me it was always, "Mo-ther"

Anyway, come to find out all we needed for a workable loom was some different sized cardboard pieces...well that I have!  What I didn't have much of is yarn.  I had a standard Red, Black and White from a Christmas project  we did together a couple of years ago, but that was it.  Darling Diva made it work though and cracked out a lovely red and white piece to show me how to do it.  From there I was intrigued.  I've always loved to do crafts and large scale weaving was so enticing, but who has the room or money for a larger loom.  Knitting is killer on my wrists and I have yet to pick up on how to crochet, but weaving like felt right.

So I'm attempting a scarf with the treasure my sister-in-law(whose been more a sister to me from the moment we first met-I got really lucky with my hubby's family) gave us.  Darling Diva taught her the new skill as well and was overjoyed with the mother load of yarn her aunt wanted to share with her.  Yep, that bag is packed full of balls of delight.

I also learned of the joys to be had in balling yarn.  Who knew taking yarn from the skein and making it into a ball was so darn relaxing!  I can't wait to buy more.  :)

I'll be keeping ya'll updated on my progress on the scarf.  If anyone has any weaving tips, drop me a note...I'd love to hear them.

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  1. Ultra cool about the weaving. I've never tried it. I have watched demos at the Renn Faire because I was fascinated. Especially the family and ladies who had their own sheep and used their wool to spin the yarn.

    Oh, wait, I take that back. As a kiddo I did do a sort of weaving with seed beads, and loved it. I kind of made up how to do it.

    1. Dang, using your own wool to weave...that is cool! I'm having a blast with it, but then I'm not sure why that surprises me...I would have been the first to sign-up for a basket weaving class in college if they'd offered one. LOL

      Ooh, a seed bead weave is neat! You see it a lot in Native American jewelry. :)

  2. I would love to have taken a weaving class that was American Indian and/or Medieval/Renaissance.

    Yeah, I kept looking at pictures of the seed bead jewelry and learned how to imitate it. I wish I had some time now to create some pieces.