Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Musing...

"Hurry...hurry, gah!"  William tried to stop looking around the tree every five seconds. He tried to focus on relieving the twisting pain of an over full bladder. Of course, if seeing the bride turn into a wolf; a big, slobbering wolf...the kind that could end his life as quickly as she had the grooms, hadn't started the stream of warm down his leg, then what would? 

~My muse is intrigued by this picture today...or she really needs to pee.  Who knows with her some days.  LOL~

A Day in the Life of Serena

Song of the Day:  Long Twin Silver Line by Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band.  1980 - I was just starting to solidified my own teenage musical tastes and loves, but I was still immersed in my parents choice of music.  I was blessed to have parents with Grand Canyon sized tastes in music.  We listened to everything.  New music, old music...all music.  Yes, when my own tastes emerged there was that typical "Ugh, that song, again?" question by my parents, but there could still be heard Bob Seger, Arlo Guthrie, Cat Stevens, Beatles, Stones...the list goes on and on, coming from my room.  They taught me to be well-rounded.  Hopefully, I'm doing the same with my Darling Diva.
Currently Reading:  Tall, Dark and Devastating by Suzanne Brockmann.  Specifically, Hawken's Heart of this two story bundle.  This story makes me cry; deep, gut-wrenching tears, every time I read it.  Yet, I continue to go back and read it, it is just that good. 
Currently Writing:  Ideas and plot for werewolf story.  Editing:  The Submission - Loosing the overabundance of was' is really tightening up the story nicely.  Even better will be getting rid of the ands.  :)


  1. That might one intriguing way to get a werewolf meal. Marry the poor fool, then devour him in one long sitting.

    Over on the Just Another Paranormal Monday loop ~ ~ there's great info about Werewolves today.

    Oooh, glad your edits are going good!

  2. LOL...that would be one surprising honeymoon for the groom!

    Thanks for the heads up on werewolf info!

  3. Great hook, totally pulled me off track and made me forget what I'm supposed to be doing. :)

    1. :D Yay! Thanks for the awesome compliment, Nara.

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